Company Profile

Transify is a startup based out of Toronto, Canada passionate about helping planners, municipalities, transit agencies, and consultants better visualize and target public transit improvements through the utilization of transit data. Founded in 2019 by Eduard Ionescu, Eddy utilized his various professional experiences at Metrolinx, the Toronto Transit Commission, and RideCo to create a tool that could be personalized for each of its users, in order to maximize its benefits for the client in question.

Developed alongside feedback from service planners at transit agencies across Canada, Transify aims to better leverage your Automatic Passenger Count (APC) data to assist you in making better service planning decisions. By instantly visualizing your data, Transify helps you target your responses to the rapidly changing public transit environment, through balancing ridership needs while prioritizing productivity and efficiency.

Organizations that have most benefitted from using Transify for their data visualization and service analysis needs include Metrolinx and the City of Barrie. Transify allows you to generate the appropriate graphs, charts, and statistics for your research and analysis, using a variety of data including APC data, census data, and GTFS scheduling data.

Meet the Founder

Eddy Ionescu founded Transify with the goal of connecting people to more opportunities through more efficiently planned public transit. Even with the plethora of data available to transit agencies today, the data is rarely translated into better service for customers or ridership growth. Eddy designed Transify for the purpose of turning data into actionable items, such as service changes or visuals that depict how customer experience would improve if certain initiatives were funded.

Eddy has worked first-hand as a transit planner with a variety of experience in analyzing services changes, designing bus service, monitoring performance of bus lanes, coordinating an Automated Vehicle pilot, and much more. Most recently, Eddy worked on the City of Toronto’s RapidTO dashboard, analyzing how Toronto’s first bus lanes improved the journeys of tens of thousands of customers. His educational background consists of computer science as well transportation planning and land development. Using this knowledge, Eddy recognized the gaps in data analysis in the public transit industry today, and has established Transify and its features; adding to them on a weekly basis.

We look forward to seeing how your agency will use Transify to improve service and increase the opportunities available to those living in your community!