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How Transify Improves Transit

This product guide introduces Transify's features and gives a high-level overview of how two transit agencies, Metrolinx (400 buses) and Barrie Transit (50 buses), have leveraged Transify to turn their data into actionable insights.

Find out how Barrie Transit updated their schedules in half the time while making them more accurate. Or how Metrolinx went beyond PowerBI to understand fast-changing ridership patterns.

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How Barrie Transit Uses Transify

One of the fastest growing cities in Canada, the City of Barrie, Ontario is planning for a denser downtown core, new developments along its boundaries, a new transit terminal, and frequent all-day GO Transit rail service.

To accommodate this growth, Barrie is working on a Transit Vision that will guide changes to their bus network of 50 buses.

Find out how Mike McConnell, the Transit Projects Lead at Barrie Transit, is using Transify to design a hybrid fixed-route and on-demand network, evaluate stop changes, and improve reliability.

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How Metrolinx uses Transify

Metrolinx has been using Transify in support of their GO Bus service, an express bus network of 400 buses that serves regional destinations across the Toronto area from Niagara Falls and Waterloo to Barrie and Peterborough.

Find out how Anthony Smith, a senior planner at Metrolinx, has been using Transify to go beyond their PowerBI dashboards and deep-dive into their ridership patterns.

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